Client Need

Criminal History Screening is not just for those conducting secure government businesses. Those persons working in the vulnerable sector, such as teachers and health care professionals, are also required to have a periodic criminal history screening. The protection of Intellectual Property including software source code, hardware drawings, processes and other critical competitive information, which is protected only by trade secrets, is vital to the future growth and viability of your organization. You need to ensure that the people who have access to this information are trust worthy and that this trust can not be compromised.

Orenex Solution

Traditionally Criminal History Screening has been performed by police departments who conduct a name search against criminal records. More stringent searches are performed by a comparison of fingerprints against a database of known criminal fingerprint records. This used to be a matter of submitting paper records with inked impressions and waiting weeks and months for a response. The ability to submit electronic records is now readily available. Our certified fingerprinting partners are able to bring electronic fingerprint capture devices to your office and connect them to your Orenex Security Information System to capture electronic fingerprint records. These records are then maintained at your facility where they are transmitted to the RCMP for swift comparison against electronic criminal records. Responses can be immediate, but are generally available in not more than 48 hours.