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“Nature is a system of overlapping parts, with edges that are constantly changing. Each piece or species follows certain strategies for success in a competitive world, where the occupation of every space is contested by a myriad of organisms. The balance of the species can be so finely tuned that subtle changes in growing conditions result in different species dominating in different areas or in some species being entirely replaced by others. Development brings change to the environment, and the consequences can be felt by trees as much as by more delicate-looking flora.”

Landscaping with Native Trees
Guy Sternberg & Jim Wilson

Orenex Solution

At Orenex we understand the role that is served by your information technology and operational support systems. We are cognisant of the fine balance required to facilitate the needs of all contributors in your organization. We are aware of the value of successfully interleaving workflow, technology and skilled personnel with appropriate organizational structures and management practices. Most importantly, we understand that every organization has a different mix of contributing factors that form a unique environment and therefore a unique requirement for our services.