Client Need

Security research in the areas of information technologies, organizational studies and security-related public policy is critically needed. There is a pressing need to further develop security and intelligence information systems – the use and development of advanced information technologies, systems and databases for security related applications, through an integrated technological, organizational, and policy based approach. Orenex believes that proactive security and intelligence research will help improve information sharing and collaboration across local, state, and federal agencies; and industry.

Orenex Solution

Orenex has developed security intelligence solutions that collect information pursuant to the Canadian Government Security Policy, the RCMP Act and the Privacy Act. These integrated security intelligence solutions support the mandates of property, personnel and departmental security operations. Information in regard to these systems is available, on a need to know basis, to persons that hold an appropriate personnel security screening granted or approved by the Canadian International Industrial Security Division (CIISD), Public Works & Government Services Canada.