Client Need

Credit history is a key component in determining the overall risk profile of a potential employee. If they have had significant financial trouble there is always a risk that they will use the resources of your organization to resolve this situation. Serious concern should be flagged when you are hiring an executive who claims to have had significant success managing businesses and yet they themselves are unable to pay their bills and have amassed large debt loads. A great deal can be revealed about an individual’s ability to fit into your organization by the way they manage their own money and the regard they give to those they borrow from.

Orenex Solution

In preparing an overall Employee Security Risk Profile we are able to access, with the permission of the candidate, a complete credit history. We are also able to provide a view point on what this history may mean in terms of verification of the candidate’s lifestyle and potential for misuse of access to company assets. Furthermore, we are also able to provide a credit monitoring service that will provide your company with notification of any significant changes in the financial well being of employees that may have an impact on their risk profile.