Client Need

Knowing where you are exposed is important when establishing terms and conditions that form the basis of a contract between you and your IT supplier. While it may be seen as desirable to have a firm fixed price contract, you must be aware that the cost of uncertainty is always built into the contract and the client often pays more in the end. Knowing where you are able to be flexible and where you are not, is key to forming a winning relationship that is practical to manage and where both supplier and clients can be successful.

Orenex Solution

Orenex is able to identify the most appropriate methods to contract IT products and services. In fact, more times than not, it is most appropriate to segregate various project elements in areas that have common uncertainty, and to then develop a contract mechanism that suits the needs of both parties in regards to the identifiable risk elements. Orenex can assist in identifying element risks, developing a risk mitigation plan and formulating a contract to jointly manage these risks.