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SIS Fingerprint version
Posted by:Greg Wilson, June - 06 - 2016

Version is the latest iteration of our widely used and feature rich software program, Security Information System (SIS). SIS provides our customers a master security database used to facilitate:

•     Personnel Security Screening (one of our most popular applications)
•     Roles & Privileges Management for Employees and Contractors
•     Rapid High Integrity Visitor Management
•     Identity Verification & Access Management
•     ID Production & Pass Management
•     Parking Administration & Enforcement
•     Security Container Access Management
•     Security Incidence Investigation
•     Emergency Response/Disaster Recovery

We have a comprehensive brochure and detailed documentation that lists all the capabilities of our software in detail, but for the purpose of this post, we will be taking a closer look at Personnel Security Screening.

Our SIS Fingerprint software allows us to digitally submit Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) Checks, Declarations, and RCMP Fingerprint-based background checks for Canadians at home or abroad for various application types. Individuals have their information entered into our software, which allows for efficient recordkeeping of an individual’s application, as well as provides proof of successful submission of the prints to the RCMP. Applications can be made for every application requirement mandated by the RCMP, allowing our clients to meet all of their customer’s unique needs. One major advantage of the aforementioned proof of successful submission is the peace of mind it can give a customer. Whether they are applying for a pardon, to obtain a foreign visa, or even to adopt, the assurance that their application was successfully received by the RCMP is priceless. Far too many applications submitted by non-digital methods can end up being lost, or fail to be delivered at all. Separate yourself from the competition by being better; being better means having the right tools for the job.

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